There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica, from the National Theater and the atmosphere of San Jose to the boat ride through the canals in search of wild animals of Tortuguero National Park, from the nightly spectacle of turtle nesting to the hot springs of Arenal Volcano, from the different Canopy of the country to the walk through the tropical rainforests in search of waterfalls, from the ice creams of the pier to the wild sloths that we find in the trees near the road and finally from the sunsets and the practice of Tamarindo Surfing to the patron celebrations of rodeo in Santa Rosa de la Cruz.

Costa Rica is a country to enjoy and feel the authentic Pura Vida, that philosophy that the Ticos take so well and teach us at every step because after a week traveling through the Central American country I consider that the world needs more countries and places like the philosophy and essence of Costa Rica.

The “Pura Vida” (Pure Life)

We could not start in any other way than their philosophy, the Ticos are proud of this phrase and few greet each other with Pura Vida instead of Hola or Buenos días. This phrase summarizes as few the feeling of a people, they consider and from my point of view totally correct that life is only lived once and that we must try to have the best possible time, they live in a calm and calm way being totally productive as the first world powers trying to instill the importance of the care and protection of all animal species giving their animals a status of freedom and happiness unique in the world.

Diversity and Differentiation

As I commented at the beginning of this article, the reasons for traveling to Costa Rica are multiple, we were really surprised as a country of such reduced dimensions we can find an enormous amount of interesting places to visit and activities to perform to put you in situation to comment that the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean is barely 250 kilometers away.

Costa Rica is a unique destination in the world, totally focused on responsible tourism, in this country, there are no animals in captivity. One is aware of the importance of this differentiation when children learn the lesson in school knowing that caring for the environment and the animals have a prosperous country and to leave the rest of the generations.

Is Costa Rica Safe?

When one thinks of Central America or any region of the world united by several countries tends to unify everything, we had really read that there was no problem regarding the security of the country but one always remains in doubt until one visits it. Sincerely, putting our hand on the fire I tell you that at no time did we feel any kind of insecurity, we moved up and down the country visiting different places. We have seen a lot of preventive police, let’s remember that Costa Rica is a country without an army so it is important and necessary that presence.

We have seen families walking the streets of Costa Rica, small children playing quietly alone in the street and tourists moving around the country so if this point worries you can be sure that security is more than controlled, as in all large cities there are conflictive areas in San Jose but if we move in the downtown area everything will be fine.

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