Visit Pavones Costa Rica is a versatile tropical paradise that seems to transform itself jut to fit the needs of those who decide to spend their holidays enjoying its stunning natural beauty. If there is one thing that stands out Costa Rica is the quality and beauty of its beaches that seem drawn from postcards. Costa Rica beaches seem to have been created only for avoid that human beings lose the sense of wonder; because when you visit places like Pavones Costa Rica, the only possible reaction is to run out of breath.

Located 400 km from San Jose, on the southern Pacific coast, you’ll reach Pavones after a drive of 8 hours. Do not worry about the distance, we assure you that the road trip will be as beautiful as your destination, just relax and enjoy the landscape. Pavones has an area of 1.5 km, the sand is light, warm while the beach is a semi-open bay. It’s surrounded by forest and green, but the secret of this beautiful beach lies on the sea and its waves.

The surfers’ paradise

Playa Pavones is an iconic place in the world of surfing. Its waves are open front from southwest to northeast and are considered the best surfing beach because Pavones has the longest wave in the world. In fact, it is reported that a trip on the crest of the wave can last up to two minutes and can move you up for more than 1 km you if you prefer hire a private shuttle in Costa Rica Β is a great idea. Remount the turquoise waves on your surfboard, the wind caresses your face and the sun kisses your skin…that is one of the easiest ways to achieve nirvana, the highest pinnacle of enlightenment.

However, not everyone can boast of their prowess on a surfboard; but there is nothing to fear; because Pavones offers much more than surf. This remote village, where you can travel with us, is surrounded by luscious tropical rainforest, ideal for those who enjoy hiking. You can also enjoy sport fishing and canopy. You want something more relaxed? A horseback ride through the forest and the beach at sunset will soothe away your worries and make them disappear altogether.

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