Tamarindo was once just a small fishing town on the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. However, these days it’s become one of the most vibrant and culturally exciting areas within the Guanacaste region. If you’re nearby, you’ll definitely want to visit this fishing-town-turned-chic-city. Despite its recent growth and expansion, you’ll find that Tamarindo is one of the most relaxed places to visit in the entire country—if you’re looking for a quiet getaway that still offers plenty of activities and amenities, Tamarindo is likely the perfect destination.

Nearby, you’ll find Grande Beach. This is one of the most popular surfing spots in the entire area—and it’s not just because it’s beautiful, its thanks to the consistent, slow waves that make it ideal for beginners. The water is similar to the residents of Tamarindo—friendly and welcoming. You’ll also find that Langosta Beach is easily accessible and offers some of the most picturesque settings. You know those advertisements where someone is sitting in a beach chair and sipping a fruity cocktail? That’s exactly what it’s like on Langosta.

One of the most exciting things about visiting Tamarindo is that you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge. While compared to some of the other refuges in the country, this one is small at just 1,000 acres, but you’ll have access to one of the most fascinating tours in the entire area. If you decide to visit, you can learn about some of the rare plant and animal wildlife that inhabits the areas outside of Tamarindo.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to eat, enjoy music, and soak up Costa Rican culture outside of the major cities, Tamarindo is the spot for you and your family to explore and enjoy during your trip to this amazing Central American country.

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